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Serving the food industry by providing the finest varieties of Sea Food.

Since inception, Fish Mart is serving the food industry by providing the finest line of seafood. We strive to provide the best service in all our locations, and throughout our organization. We have the skilled people, technology and the best delivery system in place. At every level of our company we are dedicated to the customer, and we provide the best service, the best follow through, and the best product in our market.

We believe in one brand and multi service

All our store colleagues are fully trained in pet care and dedicated to the welfare of your animals, with most of them being experienced pet owners. So when you are a new owner or an expert, our store colleagues are on hand to help you make the right choices. We also have a fantastic range of free, informative care leaflets for you to take away, offering help and advice on how to look after your pet.

Masalas & Pickles

Care Advice

With our expertise and experience in food industry, we understand the importance of masala and pickles. Thus Company is also dealing with established brands of processed fish products.

Easy to Use

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+91 7676099099